Changing Medical Homes

All Participants select a Medical Home upon initial enrollment and annual re-enrollment. Participant requests to change their Medical Home during the enrollment year can be made only by contacting HSF Customer Service Center and ONLY for at least one of the following reasons:

  • A Participant has a change of status (e.g. change of home or work address)
  • A provider or Participant requests assignment to the Positive Health Program at SFGH
  • An OBOT Buprenorphine Induction Clinic (OBIC) provider requests Participant assignment to a HSF Medical Home with a provider certified to prescribe buprenorphine
  • A Participant ages out of a HSF Medical Home which exclusively serves young adults 18-25 (Young Adult and Teen Health Center at SFGH Children’s Health Center)
  • Pursuant to a complaint
  • Pursuant to a documented agreement between two Medical Homes
  • A Participant is assigned to the SFGH Urgent Care Clinic
  • A Participant identifies an error that occurred during the Medical Home selection process

Participants will be notified by HSF Customer Service or the HSF Quality Improvement Coordinator whether their request has been approved. Medical Home change requests that meet at least one of the above criteria are effective upon approval. Medical Home changes are not granted retroactively.

Please review the current list in the Medical Home Directory and call HSF Customer Service at
(415) 615-4555 to request a new Medical Home. Once you have changed your Medical Home
you may call for an appointment.

You will also receive a new ID Card in the mail, showing your new Medical Home.