Time to Renew

To keep your access to health services, you must reapply for Healthy San Francisco every twelve months. This means that every year, you must meet with a Certified Application Assistor to fill out a new application and submit recent copies of required documents.

There are two easy steps to renew your participation in Healthy San Francisco:

  1. Watch for your annual renewal notification letter in the mail. The day you are accepted into Healthy San Francisco is called your anniversary date. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail prior to your anniversary date each year that you participate in the program.
  2. Once you receive your renewal notice, make an appointment with a Certified Application Assistor at your Medical Home. Their contact information will be in the renewal notification letter you receive. It is your responsibility to make sure that you renew before your anniversary date. Failure to renew each year will result in your disenrollment from Healthy San Francisco.

If you move, be sure to call Healthy San Francisco Customer Service right away at (415) 615-4555. If we do not have your most current address, you may not receive the renewal notification and you risk being disenrolled from the program.

If you are unable to receive notices by mail, call your Certified Application Assistor for help. You may be disenrolled from Healthy San Francisco if you:

  • Fail to renew your Healthy San Francisco coverage
  • Move outside of San Francisco
  • Obtain health insurance
  • Become eligible for government-sponsored health insurance such as Medi-Cal or Medicare
  • Do not pay any required Participation Fees
  • Are found to have made untrue statements in your application or renewal materials
  • Abuse the program